"Licensium adds monetization possibilities, copyright notice distribution, copyright owner identification and much more to digital content!

  -  Licensing Platform
Offers a blockchain based licensing system, relationship manager, wallet, currency and mining software. The Licensium technology allows issuing and verification of paid, creative common or open source licenses via the trusted nodes technology.​ The license verification plug-in can be integrated in web browsers, video portals, productive software, file sharing apps …

"Trusted Nodes is a decentralized technology that solves the problem of server based verification or identification processes down-time."

– Keep Alive System
IIs a 3rd party transaction verification and identification plug-in that can be implemented and used by payment gateways or wallets. ​The Trusted Nodes technology can be used by common server based data processing and data mining systems requiring verification or identification as well.​


What is Licensium?

Who Can Use It?

Creators of images, designs, plug-ins, code snippets, software, music, sounds, video or other digital content can issue licenses for their work. It supports paid, free, creative common and open source licensing.

Distribution & Sales

The Licensium platform offers a relationship manager, integration manager, wallet, currency and a easy to integrate verification plug-in that handles sales and distribution.

Identification & Verification

One easy to integrate plug-in handles verification and identification process. The Plug-in uses Trusted Nodes to ensure maximum availability of the verification and identification process.

Music And Video Portals

Issue licenses to sell or distribute ownership, copyright or usage info of music or video files and receive confirmation of users via the dashboard.

Web Browser And Filesharing Apps

Setup license distribution on your own Website or just send your digital work to filesharing apps.

Image Stocks And Productive Software

The licens management plug in can be easy and fast integrated by re-sellers


Licensium Features

Decentralized Licensing Platform For Digital Content Creators, Re-Sellers And File Hosters

  • Licensing verification and identification via secure blockchain technology and cryptography techniques.

  • Verification and identification process is using Trusted Nodes technology allowing 99.99% up time.

  • The plug-in can be fast and easy implemented in web browsers, files sharing apps, productive software or websites.​

  • Fully supports major platforms like Mac, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone.


What is Trusted Nodes?

Who Can Use It?

The Trusted Nodes technology can be implemented in existing wallets supporting cryptocurrencies. Furthermore it can be used by almost all server based processes that require identification or verification of any kind.

Fast And Secure

The Trusted Nodes technology has the advantage of providing a very stabile and very hard to take down identification and verification process. As based on blockchain technology it is also very fast in processing.

How Does It Work?

It is a simple to integrate plug-in. The plug-in will allow decentralized, stabile and fast identification and verification process via master nodes and trusted nodes.

Wallets And Payment Gateways

Wallets or payment gatewasy supporting cryptocurrencies can use the plug-in to improve their transaction and verification process.

Exchanges And Trading Platforms

Plug-in integration to offer less vulnerable verification and identification process of transaction.

Account And Transaction Servers

The plug-in is also usable by non-cryptocurrency server based data verification and identification processes.


Trusted Nodes Features

Server based keep alive technology for identification and verification processes to lower vulnerability

  • Secure data verification and identification process via blockchain based server technology.

  • Protection via master and trusted nodes allows uninterrupted server side verification and identification process.

  • Can be integrated in wallets, payment gateways and data processing systems that needs verification or identification.

  • Fully supports major platforms like Mac, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone.



We have the team, the market, experience and ideas necessary to be a success​ help us build something amazing!

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Why to invest in Licensium & Trusted Nodes?

If you hold LCX tokens, you became part of our platform, technology, products and possible future currencies and by holding your LCX tokens you are entitled to receive bonuses that will be distributed in relation of the amount of tokens you hold, up to 40% of the overall final project rentabilities.

Holding your LCX tokens will entitle you to receive token bonuses that will be distributed quarterly, starting after final release of Licensium and Trusted Nodes!

A total of 40.000.000 LCX which can only be exchanged with Ethereum (ETH) will be available and used for bounties, promotions, pre-sale, ICO, development, marketing and realization of final products.


Pre-sale of Licensium & Trusted Nodes LCX

Notice: Pre-sales extended till 27.11.2017

The pre-sale allows you to invest & contribute before the actual ICO.
You will be granted special 50% bonus distributed to you 72 hours after pre-sale ends!

Please note that we do not collect your email address, therefore you are advised to stay up to date about all information via visiting our Bitcointalk ANN thread and our website.

You can purchase LCX via ETH, Bitcoin, Changelly and Shapeshift (more than 60 alt coins)

If you choose Shapeshift or Changelly to buy LCX you will need to send your "receipt" to sales@licensium.com in order to get your purchased LCX distributed to your ETH wallet in future or to an exchange after the pre-sale is finished! (Make sure that you enter your email in the transaction field if you decide to participate via Shapeshift or Changelly) If you are not familiar with Shapeshift or Changelly please visit the Shapeshift support website / Changelly support website to get more info!

If you decide for Bitcoins you will need to send a proof of purchase to sales@licensium.com

If you decide to use VISA or Bank transfer for your LCX purchases you will need to use Changelly (limited), Coinbase or other services that provide this options.

1 LCX = 0.00047619 ETH | 0.00003250 BTC
Minimum purchase amount is 10 LCX ( 0.00476190 ETH | 0.00032500 BTC )
Maximum purchase amount is 1050000 LCX ( 499.99950000 ETH | 34.12500000 BTC ) per person / address.

Your participation in the pre-sale
• Do not send funds directly from your trading and/or exchange account as you will lose all your tokens. You need to have your personal Ethereum wallet or use Shapeshift/Changelly to participate with up to 60 altcoins. Do not forget to send your Shapeshift/Changelly recipient to us!
• If you do not have local Ethereum wallet software but you want to buy via ETH please install one. You can find info about ETH wallets on bitcointalk.org

I have read and I accept to pay with altcoins

END DATE 27.11.2017

50% LCX bonus Contract

Send 0.47619000 ETH to the address above | NOTE! Minimum is (0.00476190) ETH (10 LCX)!
10 LCX
5000 LCX
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2824765 LCX
1345.12484535 ETH
91.80486250 BTC
1.11428510 ETH
0.00000000 BTC
Time left till presale end:

Help and questions

For any questions or inquiries please contact support@licensium.com
• To check your pre-sale LCX balance go to check balance page.

Do you need more time to buy LCX?

You can make a reservation of LCX via email to sales@licensium.com! Send an email with the amount of LCX you would like to reserve including your wallet address. Your reservation will be 24 hours active. If you do not buy your reserved LCX within 24 hours the reservation will be automatically cancelled!

Pre-sale Terms & Conditions

The Licensium & Trusted Nodes pre-sale is designed for experienced cryptocurency users! If this is the first time you hear about concurrency please visit bitcointalk.org and start educating yourself!
• Pre-sale buyers accept that the final terms of the actual ico are not yet available.
• Funds are managed by pre-sale smart contracts.
• Please note that purchases and transactions are not refundable!
• Minimum buy is 10 LCX to be eligible to get 50% after the pre-sale.
• The pre-sale does not have any cap. All funds will be used for promotions, running ico, marketing, management and further development of Licensium and Trusted Nodes.
• LCX will be distributed 72 hours after the pre-sale is over.


Licensium & Trusted Nodes ICO

The ico is planed to start on 15.12.2017 and ends 31.12.2017 in this period we aim to raise funds of $2.114.285 to realize Licensium and Trusted Nodes final products as stated in our white-paper.

ICO countdown

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The Management Team

The competence and experience of our team memebers is the key to our success!

Christian Dölder


Business & Product Development

Bacc.oec Danijel Biljan


Education & Business Operations

Dr.sc. Jasmin Ćelić


Strategies & Solutions

Dr.sc. Sanjin Valčić


Analyses & Research

Dipl. Psy. Alen Marot


Process optimization & Profiling

Mag. Petra Šegić


Communications & Interviews

Dr.sc. Sonja B. Valčić


Financial Analyses & Solutions

Dipl. Psy. Barbara Marot


Employee Perf. & Quality Service

Marijan Rešetić - Markač


Public Administration

Mag. Dejan Sablič


Sales Management

Decentralized Developer


IT Security & Software Architecture

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Investments & Eu Projects

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